Through our vast experience in touristic facility construction and management, the Khachaturov Group offers unique value propositions. Concentrating the best in the business we took accommodation to a new level, offering the best experience for our guests.

Whether you choose the luxury and comfort of a high-end hotel or the ease and cost-effectiveness of a hostel, the experience should be satisfying. We develop our accommodation facilities stressing functionality, style, and location to ensure no compromises. Khachaturov Group Hotel and Hostel guests enjoy the tastefulness and convenience of our services regardless of which service they choose. We gain pleasure in providing genuine care for guests companied with facilities that meet and exceed international standards.

Partnering with one of the highest-ranked tour agencies in the region, the Aquarius Travel, has proven its effectiveness through years of unwavering popularity around the globe. Our goal is to provide the best and most memorable experience for our guests, whether they are on a vacation or a business trip.

Through a large portfolio of local and regional tours suited for any taste, intent, duration, and budget, we are keen to show the world how much Armenia has to offer. Our experienced tour-agents and guides will choose the best tour for you, as well as help you experience all the beauty and warmth of our land and people.