Khachaturov Group’s industries encompass Real Estate, Hrazdan Cement Factory, Crushed Stone Mining, Distressed Business Loans, Security and Internal Audit Services, Tourism/Hospitality, IT and E-commerce.

Following the core principle of vertically integrated growth, Khachaturov Group aims to unveil and fulfill Armenia’s full potential in the local and international markets through diverse, comprehensive and dedicated development in the construction and related fields.

Based on the belief that every problem in the marketplace has a comprehensive solution, the Group’s attitude is to develop the core elements of the business. The Group firmly believes that it is the collaboration of all the links in the chain that can forge long-term sustainable success, and open new routes for development and growth. The Group is constantly integrating modern technologies and methodologies to enhance company performance and returns for its investors.


Khachaturov Group, founded in 2000 by Nikolay Khachaturov, has grown to become one of the largest players in the market with over 17 companies and numerous related industries. Strategically structured and highly experienced, the company provides full chain services in the real estate industry. Khachaturov Group is uniquely positioned by providing vertically integrated services to clients and investors. This gives the Group a significant competitive advantage by minimizing costs and maximizing quality, which in result in stellar returns on investment. Vertical integration starts from raw materials, mining, processing, cement manufacturing, facility development, construction and ends up exit strategy such as management, operation, leasing, or sale. The Group is essentially a one stop shop company for investors.

Built with strong confidence in the Armenian talent and industrial potential, Khachaturov Group today is aiming to combine Armenia’s infrastructure with international best business practices to deliver world-class results.

The Group’s attitude is to develop the core elements of the business. We believe that it is only through the perfect functioning and harmony of all the links that that we can achieve long-term sustainable results, which are highly differentiated in the marketplace and open new development routes.


Khachaturov Group is a large and ever-growing community of diversified professionals. The core team is with the company for many years ensuring its steady growth and development in the marketplace through devotion to the principles of the Khachaturov Group.

CEO, Founder

Nikolay Khachaturov

Reaching the high-point in his career as a surgeon Nikolay Khachaturov entered the Entrepreneurship field in 1996, incorporating into his companies the problem-solving ability and accuracy of his primary profession. His experience has formed the basic principle of the Group: “There is no problem that cannot be solved!”
Head Assistant and Representative

Armen Asryan

During his 11 years in Khachaturov Group, Armen Asryan has used his skills and knowledge as a professional in Economics and Finance to help build, grow and operate the Khachaturov Group, ever staying as one of the most needed team members in the company.
Sales Head

Khachatur Sulayan

One of the brightest young talents in Khachaturov Group, Khachatur has grown to become the Sales Head during the last 2 years
Board Member

Vladimir Khachaturov

Chief Marketing and Management Officer - With three Degrees in Marketing from three US universities and years of working experience in marketing departments and owning a Marketing Agency himself, Vladimir utilizes his knowledge and expertise to grow and further diversify Khachaturov Group.
Head of Security

Tsolak Matevosyan

A former National Security Officer, Tsolak Matevosyan is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional in the intricacies regarding security and safety. Originally a Historian, he has attended qualification courses in the USA and Europe, developing and polishing his skills to a level where extreme attention to detail is a key cornerstone. In charge of all the security in Khachaturov Group, he also supervises the security services the Group provides.
Design Team Lead

Nelli Khachaturova

After receiving a degree in Design and Architecture from one of the high-profile US universities and gaining experience in many various projects, Nelli leads and supervise our Design Team in a manner that boosts both productiveness and creativity.
Board Member, CFO

Emanuel Khachaturov

Receiving a Master’s degree in Accounting/Finance/Auditing from USC in Los Angeles as one of the best students, Emanuel uses his knowledge and experience gained by years in large international companies including Deloitte & Touche (Los Angeles), AMGEN, Penske Automotive Group, Kerwood Capital to draw and implement best business practices into Khachaturov Group and our clients.
Property Complex Management and Maintenance Officer

Naira Sargsyan

Over 15 years of experience have given Naira a perfect understanding of facilities, their functioning, and needs. With care, accuracy, strictness, and love she supervises the management and maintenance of Khachaturov Group’s facilities and those of our clients.
Coordination and Research Officer, Mining Clients Consultancy Team Lead

Benjamin Martirosyan

An experienced professional in geodesy and management, Benjamin Martirosyan is irreplaceable when it comes to coordination between the field and the office, findings analysis and report, or ongoing supervision of the workings. His many years of experience first in Moscow Institute of Geodesy and then in Cadastre System allow him to quickly analyze situations, manage the operations in the field, and oversee the reporting so that Khachaturov Group’s information flows as a well-maintained clockwork.