We firmly believe that every problem has a comprehensive solution. Khachaturov Group is one of the major players in the field of acquisition and restructuring of distressed business loans in Armenia. Collaboration with Armenia’s largest banks allows us to find businesses that are facing financial difficulties and acquire them at major discounts. We understand the core issues facing these distressed businesses. We find and implement solutions for revitalizing them.

Khachaturov Group employs experienced high-level specialists and applies effective techniques to restructure distressed businesses. Our goal is to turn these distressed businesses into profitable and industry-leading entities through our expertise and infrastructure.

Khachaturov Group works with distressed projects valued over $5 million, preferably in our industry of expertise. Our crisis management methodologies are proven highly effective for many years. We typically work with commercial properties, residential properties, hotels and hostels, alternative energy, recycling, and manufacturing projects.

Using their experience and insight into the local and global business operations and crisis management, our specialists carefully examine each case uniquely to develop the most optimal exit strategy. Our exit strategies include renting, long term leasing, resale, and operation for profit.

Our largest partners in this field are the HSBC, ABB and VTB Banks which are on the top list of the largest banks in Armenia. The growing partnership with these banks throughout the years has allowed even our youngest talents to gain explicit and unique understanding of the processes, situations and possible solutions in the most complicated cases.

The modern international standard methodologies and out-of-the-box thinking of our team have allowed us to solve cases where there seemed to be no way out. Based on our experience, we are confident that there is a cure to every situation.