The concept behind our real estate projects is that anything we build should be fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, and economically sound.

We run the projects from start to finish, making sure what is planned is properly implemented and perfectly maintained. We combine the insight from our tremendous experience with high quality local raw materials from sources that we own. This results in projects that meet international quality standards and produce high returns on investments.

When developing a project, we make sure it fits the surroundings structurally, aesthetically and functionally. Harmony is a key success factor for our real estate projects.
For a structure to be permanently effective with a long-term focus, it must be well thought-out and consider the geological, climatic and landscape peculiarities of the local area. Safety must always be a top priority in any real estate project. This means meeting international standards for construction and using the highest quality of raw materials.

We are pioneers at realizing and implementing projects. We draw large scale investments to realize our projects to the mutual benefit of our investors, the Group, and society as a whole.

No facility should stay vacant. We find the best clients for leasing our properties. The idea is to have the perfect fit between the client and the facility. We own and lease multiple large buildings in the small center of Yerevan to large companies.

We make sure that using our facilities is convenient at any given time by providing facility management services. This includes Full-Service Security, Building Automation Systems, Building Repairs and Maintenance, Internal and External Landscaping Services, Irrigation Systems, Snow Removal, and Cleaning Services.