Facility: David Beck Highway, Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374 91 460065

Khachaturov Group is in the business of mining through crushed stone production. The mine utilizes modern processing technology which provides the highest quality stone products swiftly. This makes it convenient for our projects as well as clients to receive the products on time. We have a general catalog of products but are ready to go above and beyond for our clients. Our production list includes Macadam assortment, Basalt Tiles, Gypsiferous Clay, Soil and Basalt Curbs and other forms of Crushed Stone.


We offer C5 and C7 road metal or macadams in a variety of sizes that allow a wide application range.

Macadam 0-5mm
Macadam: 5-15 mm
Macadam: 15-25 mm
Macadam: 25-40 mm
Macadam: 40-60 mm

Basalt Tiles

Used in Architecture and construction for centuries, especially in this region. Basalt is one of the best and most commonly used finishing materials. Our basalt tile collection provides a unique and modern look, combined with durability and reliability proven throughout centuries.

Basalt Tiles: 20 mm
Basalt Tiles: 30 mm
Basalt Tiles: 30 mm

Portland Cement

Portland Cement is the most-commonly used cement type. We offer a wide range of Portland Cement to perfectly suit your project.

Portland Cement: M400 with Pozzolanic Additive
Portland Cement: M400 with Mineral Additive
Portland Cement: M500
Portland Cement: M500 with Minera Additive
Portland Cement: M600

Other - Gypsiferous Clay

Used as a raw material in clinker and plaster production
Soil - mainly used in road construction, our soil is a perfect filling material for your construction project.

Basalt Curbs

Our large portfolio of basalt curbs will complete your project perfectly, framing any road or pavement.