Our experienced Audit team, lead by Emanuel Khachaturov, a Master in Auditing from the University of Southern California and ex-Senior Auditor in Deloitte & Touche in Los Angeles, is here to assist companies in the complicated process of Internal Auditing, Reporting, Risk Management and Cost Reduction. We provide services to several large Armenian companies as well as international companies located in the USA, Canada, and Australia. We also work with the Government of Armenia, providing internal auditing services to various ministries and departments.



Being licensed Audit specialists in Armenia, we implement objective, clear and accurate internal audits. We provide brief and comprehensive reports, clearly stating the current situation and recommendations on further development on any issues discovered as a result of the audit.


Tax audit is always a stress regardless of how much effort you put into compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We provide Tax Audit and Consulting services to make the inevitable process less distressing. We ensure you will avoid accidental complications due to any details or uncertainties that can occur in the tax filing process. Our licensed and experienced professionals will free you from stress by taking responsibility of doing every detail right in accordance with laws, norms and regulations.


At any moment of your business’ journey, you are facing financial risks. It is there even in the best and most favorable times. The secret of keeping those risks from actually impacting your company is effective and timely risk management. Our professionals will implement an assessment of your business’ risks and provide a risk management plan to keep you on guard and informed about such potential risks. This will enable you to implement actions to prevent the risks from manifestation and help you be prepared to manage the situation if the risk, by any ill chance, becomes a reality.


On the route of developing your business you add functions, departments, and staff which eventually turn into costs. This is inevitable and natural. However, there comes a point when the costs are excessive and make your business inefficient. Sometimes this is visible in plain sight but that is not always the case. More often than not, there is a need to dig deep into the business to uncover excessive costs which are dragging your business down. Our specialists will draw your expenditure structure and develop optimization strategies to reduce them to an acceptable amount. This process is critical for all businesses to make sure they are effective, efficient and profitable.


in this technology-saturated age, many processes that need accuracy and repetition are trusted to automation systems. Many of the procedural accounting and business processes require calculations and speed more than judgement. Much of this work is rather labor-intensive. This makes procedural accounting and standard business processes strong candidates for automation systems. Our experienced team will integrate enterprise resource planning systems and robotic process automation systems into your existing pattern of accounting and financial activities to optimize your business.


When you are busy building your business and moving it forward, the accounting aspect can be overwhelming. If you are doing this by yourself, you will hardly go beyond simple bookkeeping. Khachaturov Group offers you full accounting consultancy services so that you can be confident in building your business without spending time and effort in developing your accounting numbers. Our specialists will gather large volume of information from your books to better serve you. We provide financial forecasts, financial statements analysis, determine the current profitability of your business, and provide other related services tailored to fit your needs.