Our vast experience in diverse construction projects allows us to know exactly what equipment is most effective for each case. Our equipment rental and consulting services offer the most optimal solution that is perfectly fitting your projects for the best price in the market. We specialize in Earthwork, Demolition, Crushing, and Screening Equipment.


Used for basic work in any large-scale construction projects. The earthwork equipment is what clears the ground, prepares the base and lays the foundation of the future structure. The choice of the right earthwork equipment and professional handling of the equipment is key to accomplishing a successful and long-lasting construction project. Khachaturov Group offers a wide variety of earthwork heavy equipment, chosen especially for your project, to reach your goals. Our experienced operators will ensure the best quality work and eliminate any possibility of emergency situations on the construction sight.


Essential for mining, crushing turns raw materials into manageable size pieces. Being a mechanical process in which the main principle is the molecular differentiation between the materials, crushing requires proper equipment. This equipment has to be adjusted for different mining projects on case-by-cases basis. Khachaturov Group provides an assortment of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushes suitable for any mining project in the region.


Demolition is one of the most complicated and dangerous processes in construction. The process must be thoroughly planned and proper equipment must be utilized to ensure effective and efficient demolition. The equipment operators have to be experienced and skilled to decrease the probability of danger and risks associated with demolition. Our consultants will analyze your project and provide you with the optimal demolition equipment to ensure the efficiency of its work. Our skilled operators will make sure that your project and equipment is handled professionally to reach the best results and provide high-level safety during the demolition process.


The more homogeneous the state of your raw materials when they enter the processing plant, the better the results. However, even the best crushing machinery will not give you a single fraction material by the end of the cycle. The sorting process following the crushing process highly increases the productivity of the following steps.  Khachaturov Group provides a wide portfolio of screeners to ensure clients reach the best results in mines.