Any business or individual can be concerned about their safety and security. When the news is full of crime and tragedy, the best action for us to take is to operate a great security company to serve your individual needs. We provide a wide spectrum of security services. This includes Personal Security and Escorting, Facility Security, Camera Installation and Supervision, Digital and Cyber Security, Centralized Alarm Security Supervision, Documents and Valuables Security, Confidential and Secret Information Security, Financial Security, Debt Collection.



Our experienced and proficient team of experts implements a facility audit first. This allows our team to understand all the peculiarities of the given facility, its weak points, spots where special attention is needed, as well as overall planning. Based on the audit, an effective and solid security system plan is developed to ensure the maximum safety of the allotted facility. Security is provided through a chain of indoor and outdoor cameras which provide full-facility and perimeter monitoring, modern alarm systems, and strategic placement of security guards. After the development of the security plan, the system installation is implemented by our experienced technical specialists and our trained security guards take responsibility for the safety of your facility.

Our Facility Security experts are professionals that are ever in the course of newest technologies, strategies, and developments in the field. Keen to use the latest, best and most reliable among the existing systems, they combine their skills with insights gained by years of experience in securing a vast number of facilities of various types. This allows them to develop the optimal security system for each facility by combining technological solutions and well-prepared guards in the most efficient way.


Our personal security department is licensed and staffed with high-class experienced professionals. Our highly-trained bodyguards have solid athletic backgrounds and are able to protect you regardless of the situation. Trained to analyze situations and threats in a matter of milliseconds, our bodyguards are able to prevent danger by identifying suspicious situations and resolving the issues prematurely before they take place. In the case of an unexpected emergency taking place, our professionals are able to resolve conflicts quickly without drawing attention. Our experts start by assessing the risks for each client. Based on this assessment, a plan of measures and actions is drawn adapting to the client’s lifestyle. The services are always provided with the client’s privacy and comfort in mind.


Our company provides high-class services, escorting our clients to their desired location from anywhere in the region. Our skilled professionals take care of the safety of our clients through specialized vehicles and reliable modern technologies. Our vast experience, modern equipment, and international standard protocols allow us to implement tasks of any complexity, ensuring safe arrival and peace of mind to our clients.


It is important to have your contracts financially sound and in line with both local and international legislation. Our company provides financial security services, making sure your contracts are safe and in compliance with applicable laws. Our team of experts experienced in auditing, finance, tax, and forming contracts will make sure you do not stumble on a legal issue or fall victim to a fraudulent contract. Diving deep into each number and sentence, our team will uncover any suspicious details, potential risks, and uncertainties that may potentially cause legal issues. The goal of this service is to perform work to eliminate roadblocks prematurely. We will ensure the business you are planning to start or develop has no legal and/or tax issues because it is always better to prevent issues in the fist place, especially in the field of finance and law.


In our digital age, the information on our devices and virtual systems is extremely vulnerable. Cyber thieves and attackers are smart, cunning and ever-changing. Our experts will implement an audit of your servers, connections, devices, facilities, networks and smart technologies. Afterwards, a Cyber Security Plan will be developed to protect your data and minimize risks while enabling you to work with high efficiency. We have experience in providing data protection to a diverse portfolio of fields and entities such as banks, factories, small, medium and large size corporations, etc.

If care is not taken to ensure high-level security, data can be stolen at any moment and even detecting the incident after the fact can be difficult. Our ever-evolving cybersecurity systems are made and maintained by experienced professionals in the field that are always honing their skills to firmly stand their ground on the front line of the digital war. Our key value proposition is protecting your data through all channels while not compromising the operating efficiency of your entity


Khachaturov Group provides Debt Collection services so that you do not burden yourself with the stress of receiving your funds. Our specialists know precisely how to approach each case, having experienced all kinds of situations over their years in the profession. The standardized proven procedures combined with an individual approach allows us to close cases successfully.